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Review of: The Dalmore 12

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On 01.02.2020
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The Dalmore 12

Durch die Lagerung in Bourbon und Oloroso Sherry Fässern ist der Dalmore 12 Years ein wundervoll komplexer Single Malt Whisky. Ein Schottischer Whisky. Mit dem Dalmore 12 bekommen Sie einen herrlichen Highland Whisky im guten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. The Dalmore ist eine gute Whisky Marke aus. Der Dalmore 12 Jahre ist der wohl bekannteste Single Malt Whisky der Brennerei Dalmore aus den nördlichen Highlands in Schottland. Die Brennerei ist.

Dalmore 12 Jahre 40.0% 0,7l

Whisky Dalmore 12 Jahre Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in Geschenkpackung | 40 % vol | 0,7 l. Preis ab 38,63 Euro (). Jetzt kaufen! With only 40% ABV, heavy chill-filtration and added colorant, the presentation of Dalmore 12 could hardly be any worse. A shiny plastic stag. Der Dalmore 12 Jahre ist der wohl bekannteste Single Malt Whisky der Brennerei Dalmore aus den nördlichen Highlands in Schottland. Die Brennerei ist.

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The Dalmore 12

The Dalmore 12 Abgang: Gerösteter Kaffee und Schokolade. Fasstyp: Ex-Bourbonfässer aus amerikanischer Weißeiche und Oloroso Sherry Butts. Dalmore 'The Twelve' ist etwas. The Dalmore 12 Jahre Single Malt Scotch Whisky mit Geschenkverpackung (1 x 0,7l): Bier, Wein & Spirituosen. Hat der Dalmore 12 Jahre auch im Tasting das Geweih auf? The Dalmore präsentiert sich als exklusive Whisky-Marke, die in edlen Hotel-Bars. Scotch Whisky Herkunftsland Schottland Highlands 12 Jahre reichhaltig & rund Single Malt. Produktdatenblatt. Achtung: Abgabe an Personen unter 18 Jahren.

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Vor Feuchtigkeit und Licht schützen. Dalmore 12 is aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, before half is transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the final three years. The result is a whisky with a combination of sweetness and rich, sherried flavours. Tasting Notes (1)4/5(). 10/14/ · The Dalmore 12 is another delightful addition to The Dalmore name and is a younger brother to the The Dalmore The Dalmore 12 is aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks after which half of the spirit is aged for an additional three years in rare and aged oloroso sherry casks. It is bottled at 40% AB. The Scotch. 1/7/ · In , the Dalmore created a bottle collection in honor of White and Mackay’s long-time blender Richard Patterson. Priced at close to $ million dollars, it was the most expensive Scotch whisky collection ever offered for sale. One of the significant features of the Dalmore distillery is the use of Loch Lomond stills. Dalmore 12 is aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, before half is transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the final three years. The result is a whisky with a combination of sweetness and rich, sherried flavours. Tasting Notes (1) Flavour Profile Facts Tasting Notes Reviews How We Pack. The Dalmore 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Select comes in at 43% ABV and is described by Richard Paterson as: “Elegance personified, this whisky displays a multitude of spectacular flavours. Its full finish in Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks reveals a more floral, light and refined side to The Dalmore. A truly decadent masterpiece!”. Dalmore 12 (New Version) 50/50 marriage of bourbon and sherry casks, this replaces the now "old" Dalmore 12 (which was 70/30) at a higher cost. Nose has lots of big oranges, caramels, and apricots, with sherry quite discernible. The palate delivers all of that, fruits and caramels (with related toffee stuff) and vanilla. tap to enlarge. ×. double tap to zoom. DALMORE 12 YR. ml. Highlands, Scotland- With its intricate aromas and flavors, it is recognized as a whisky with character far beyond its age. Aromas of citrus fruits, chocolate, and spices. The Dalmore Principal Collection perfectly showcases Master Distiller, Richard Paterson’s skills and expertise in cask curation. Each expression presents a different nuance of our definitive house style. The Principal Collection represents six distinctive and exquisite whiskies. After having a bite of a pear tart and then tasting the whiskey I enjoyed it a lot more. I have better whiskies in my cupboard for sure, but maybe not for this price. I had coffee with cream, orange Lucky Bar, and Christmas pudding written down.

On the nose there is an initial pronounced aroma of cooked fruit, mincemeat tarts and Christmas fruitcake. This is followed by honey baked rum-infused raisins and tropical spice aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, all spice and a hint of cloves as well as lighter floral aromas.

There is a rich note of new saddle leather and wood wax in the background that imparts a sense of oiliness and weight to the whisky. On the palate, the whisky is drier than its aroma.

There is a hint of residual sugar that adds texture and weight in the mouth, and is otherwise well integrated. The usual vanilla and wood spice notes are present, as are the nutty and dried fruit contributions of the sherry butt aging.

The pronounced cooked fruit and raisin notes that show prominently on the nose are subdued on the palate, however.

The alcohol has just a bit of an edge, as if it could have used another three or four years of barrel aging or maybe a bit more sherry sweetness to polish its texture.

On the whole, however, the whisky disappoints on the palate. Its sophisticated range of flavors notwithstanding, it seems thin, washed out, and lacking the intensity that the color and aroma would have promised.

The smoothest whisky by far Orange from the start to the finish Smooth, delicious, but tendency to be boring. On the nose it has buttery, nutty and complex fruity nuances with distinct orange zest notes.

Very complex and beautiful. On the palate it has some vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and white chocolate notes. Very rich and smooth. Finish medium to long with citrus nuances with distinctive orange notes.

If you enjoy whisky, stay away from Dalmore. Caramel and cocoa nose. Not a big finish, consistently smooth from the start. Get some water, add some brown sugar and caramel E And voila - Dalmore 12!

Stop buying overpriced, caramel coloured, bland brown liquid. And buy the proper stuff that has been well made, if you want a good highland malt try Wolfburn.

Just a great dram, unlike Dalmore! This is the 1st time I have tried Dalmore 12, as I sipped and l let it wet my mouth into my tongue. It awakens my taste buds, it's smooth, a hint of sweetness and alcohol content as you exhale.

I believe it depends on a person's palate preference on how one enjoys their drinks. For beginners would recommend Dalmore 12 for a start.

Feels watered down, could do with being a higher strength. Been drinking this for a couple of months and feel the quality declines over time might be due to oxidation.

But here's the strange thing that happens whenever I've had a Dalmore in the cupboard It always seems to go down too quickly.

I'd put this in an everyday dram category, if you're after more complexity try the 15yo. The more seasoned whisky drinker should look past this but I'm definitely not disappointed either.

I share the opinion of others that Dalmore have done some of the most work to harm their brand's standing with the informed drinker.

To even find versions not dyed bright orange or sewerage brown, or with higher volumes for the more affordable lower vintages f.

The malt itself might be good, but what they do to it does not justify the expense and the pretentious Marketing Executive orientation of the brand.

I've never tasted a Dalmore that is anything other than decent, and when the luxury price is factored in it represents horrible value for money.

I hope one day for a correction in brand identity as at the moment it's fully reliant on tricking people into paying more for less.

On the nose it is amazingly elegant with sweet, nutty nuances. Some caramel, coffee, orange and cereal nuances also can be noted.

On the palate the same nuences can also be noted together with milk, vanilla and sweet chocolate notes.

Finish is medium to long, still sweet. Even lady drinkers may enjoy this beautiful whisky. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, however to leave a review without trying the whisky is nothing short of outright stupidity and to compare it to a supermarkets own brand is ludicrous.

I like this one, pleasant and easy to drink, in my opinion, 5 stars, great value for money. The reviews for this are abysmal if you read them you wouldnt purchase it , bottle looks stylish but the contents leave a lot to be desired , wont be buying after reading the bad reviews.

I got it on a steep discount, and hey, that helped. The nose has a mix of nice dried fruit, plum is there, and chocolate on the very edge.

Very low viscosity for a 12 year. Taste is relatively tame and hollow There is a mild burn, a slight fruity character, a tiny bit of salty finish, and a cooling mint at the very end, but all in all it's pretty one-note.

A nice smooth whisky. But for the price I prefer glenfiddich or glenmorangie. I am generally reticent when it comes to opining about the positive or negative qualities of a product, but I must be honest in saying this was a case of excellent marketing Kudos, as I was persuaded and unfortunately dreadful quality.

With due respect to the poetic apologists arguing in defense of this whisky, I cannot justify my own mistake in buying this scotch. It is style over substance.

I find it sits somewhere between a Dalmour 12 and the If your into sweet and non smoky or peated whiskies, this is for you.

Velvety goodness. Smooth and leathery with a hint of smoke. I'd prefer this over others in its range.

Also, since when is 12 years considered "young"? Fantastically balanced with a great finish. Nice box, bottle, presentation. The whiskey itself - mediocre meh.

It is very much spirit driven as it is young. Also as you might have guessed - it's colored. Not complex. Taste: everything mentioned above, slightly oily mouthfeel, fast finish.

Overall: Young. Nothing special. Truth be told if it was without E coloring agent and wasn't chill-filtered with more age it could make a decent drink but as is - it is simply not worth it.

A great 12 year old whisky. Of course it lacks a bit of character due to its age, but great all the same. Fruity and round. I Still prefer some of the Glens, but many of the haters i have read in these reviews were probably expecting a 21yo for the money Maybe someone familiar with the Dalmore should try this.

It's not better than black label or Chivas and smells of poor quality spirit being the basic dalmore so I told myself dal less.

My friends drank mine for me before I could get any of it so I'm out a awesome wiskey am can't afford another bottle right now but I will try soon to get me some more love the bottle.

Lovely nose and palate. Orangey, caramel, hint of fruitcake, then it just dies and has practically zero finish. Very odd. It is very smooth though, there's no burn or nasty aftertaste.

It just lacks any character. Go Glendronach 12 yo for everything that Dalmore lacks. Although the delivery is quite silky and charming, rest is just a sulfured mess.

Don't mind that it's sweet or unpeated, but it just doesn't seem to have a lot going on. May try to do some blending with a touch of Ardbeg. Love the bottle.

The rest is nothing to write home about. No spice, no smoke, no depth. Watered down no complexity just a horrible whisky.

Dalmore you shoulf be ashamed to call this a whisky. I am just now finishing a bottle of the pre whisky, which is superb. But it obviously is not the same whisky as the new-fangled Dalmore 12 yr.

This is a lovely whiskey, smooth and easy on the draw. True, not the most complex, just lovely. Was blown away by how good this is. I'm typically a beer drinker, so if I go to the liquor side of things I actually usually drink Bourbon.

Been hearing and reading good things about Dalmore so bought a bottle of 12 year at my local liquor store 2 weeks ago and nearly killed the whole bottle with a friend of mine that night.

So damn good. Smooth as silk. If I drink liquor I usually need ice, but by glass 3 that night I was drinking it clean and loving it even more.

Great Scotch and drinking the remainder of the bottle as I'm writing this :. Slightly above average for me.

Dark orange and chocolate notes. Missing a bit of heat. Show me a whisky which isn't improved by being cask strength and I'll show you a poor whisky!

If you can afford it, grab the King Alexander - mindblowingly good. Glendronach 12, Edradour 10, Glenfarclas 12 and Tamdhu 10 all come to mind.

This has a unique taste heavy on the orange marmalade. I should think the older expressions would be great but I'm really not into spending that much money after having this.

Ok, so right off the bat, I have to say it's not the masculine Isley that punches you in the mouth at first swill, but that's not what I want when I just get home from work.

The sexiness is in its sweetness and it's like the familiar kiss of a spouse after a hard day at the office. And that's exactly what some of us need.

A perfectly good dram that has some crepe and cappuccino in the nose, a bit of peat on palate with some of the pastry from the nose, then finishing with some spice to it.

A nice inoffensive entry level dram. Not offensive, but lacks conviction, vigor, strength. Seems to be a whiskey formulated to be pleasant for everyone , but with no particular destination.

Opposite of a whiskey that makes a statement and creates a lasting impression. I own already the cigar malt and the 15 year and now got to taste the 12 year in the MoM advent calendar.

Despite the not so enthusiastic reviews below I was pleasantly surprised. It is true that it is not overly complex and doesn't have too long of a finish.

Well, it's a 12 year one. But it has a nice rounded profile with a smooth, creamy sweetness which makes it a good companion to your every day cigar.

The Dalmore 12 is another delightful addition to The Dalmore name and is a younger brother to the The Dalmore The Dalmore 12 is aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks after which half of the spirit is aged for an additional three years in rare and aged oloroso sherry casks.

Color: amber brown Nose: orange marmalade, red berries, toffee, dark chocolate Palate: dark chocolate, orange marmalade, sherry, oak, coffee Finish: cinnamon, spice, oak, vanilla, smooth, short.

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The Dalmore 12 Its kind of expensive for this "entry level" standard. That's a promise. Conclusion: totally forgettable, but a good one to warm up the palate for something better to come. Orange from Tarock Kartenspiel start to finish Please Dalmore. Feels watered down, could do with being a higher strength. For much of its history it has been ranked among the largest distilleries in Scotland. Love the bottle. Nothing special. Went Candy Crush Spiel Total Wine and purchased 12 year as they were out of Very odd. Good malt for the beginner or causual malt drinker who prefers whisky on ice - boring for the experienced malt enthusiast. Recently viewed. Jocuri Bubble really wanted Euro 2021 Polen Portugal like this malt, and the rich amber plus 3 color of the whiskey advertises what should be a robust and complex flavor. Caramel syrupy Last Chaos Top 100.
The Dalmore 12
The Dalmore 12

The Dalmore 12

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